William Villaverde
pianist | educator | entrepreneur


Upcoming CD Release

William's CD, "Andrés Alén: Works for Piano" is currently under production. The CD features all the 20th century solo piano works of one of today's greatest Cuban composers: Andrés Alén. One of the recordings included is the solo piano version of Mr. Alén's Unison, never before recorded. The CD also features an arrangement by William of Mr. Alén's famous and beloved composition: Danzón "Legrand". Stay tuned for the release date and click on the Videos tab to watch William's live performances of Alen's piano works.

CD Endorsement from Andres Alen

"As a composer, I’m always surprised when listening to my music performed by other musicians, by the different approaches, sometimes new and unexpected. This process is without doubt very interesting and challenging. But somehow, the truth is that I feel very happy when the performance is as close as possible to the original idea. It’s like the first time you heard it in your head before even writing it. This affinity composer-performer is exactly what I feel when listening to William Villaverde’s recording. Because of his knowledge of classical, jazz, and Cuban music, he really understands the nature of these works, putting in the right places the different styles and bringing them together without seams, as a whole. His brilliant technique and skills do the rest for achieving a great performance. Thanks William for making me happy."
                                                                                                                                                                    --Andrés Alén